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The word Islam means voluntary “Submission” or “Surrender” to the Will of God. It derives from the root word “salam,” meaning peace.

In the Quran, God defines that the only purpose for which He created mankind is to Worship Him. Islam recognizes that humankind has free choice in whether to obey or disobey God, but ultimately we will be held accountable to God in the next life for the choices that we make in this life.

God sent Prophets to teach mankind how to worship Him; starting with Adam, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the last of the messengers Muhammad (peace be upon them all). The Islamic position is that all of these prophets came with the same message, that there is no deity worthy of worship except the One True God, known in Arabic as Allah.

Islam is a natural way of life that encourages one to give due attention to their relationship with God and His creation. Islam teaches that it is through the doing of good deeds and seeking the pleasure of God that souls find true happiness and peace. It is in this context that the word Islam derives from the root word “salam,” or peace.

The proper terminology used, in Islam, for God is “Allah.” There are a number of reasons for having a special word for God. First of all, the term “Allah” means, in Arabic, the one and only universal God or Creator and Provider of the universe. In Islam, Allah (God) is the unique, omnipotent and only deity and creator of all that exists.

Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the final prophet, sent by God (Allah) to present and confirm the monotheistic teachings preached previously by Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets. The Quran the main religious text in Islam was revealed to Muhammad PBUH from God.

The Quran confirms the revelations given to earlier Prophets, though these might not be accessible to us, in the form they were originally revealed. The most sublime language and a rational message that directly appeals to the human heart have caused this Divine book to move nations and civilizations. It will continue to guide those who turn to God with a sincere heart, for all times.

The Quran refers to Jesus as Eesa (in Arabic). Eesa is honoured as one of the great prophets and messengers of God and that Muslims believe he was passing on the same message of worshipping one God as the other prophets.He received one book of revelation called the Injeel.

The Qur’an goes into vivid detail about his life and his practice of calling people to worship a singular God, and fundamentally understand that Jesus (Eesa) was NOT divine in anyway.

The Quran also makes clear that any of the other miracles performed by Jesus in his lifetime, including curing blindness and leprosy were done by the will of God and are not examples of any divine power.

In Islam, men and women are moral equals in God’s sight and are expected to fulfill the same duties of worship, prayer, faith, almsgiving, fasting, and pilgrimage to Mecca. Islam improved the status of women compared to earlier cultures, prohibiting female infanticide and recognizing women’s full personhood. Islamic law emphasizes the contractual nature of marriage, requiring that a dowry be paid to the woman rather than to her family, and guaranteeing women’s rights of inheritance and to own and manage property. Women were also granted the right to live in the matrimonial home and receive financial maintainance during marriage and a waiting period following death and divorce. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) consulted women and weighed their opinions serious.


“And He is Knower of all things.”

Al-Baqara – 2:29

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